1967 Stax Tour

Bonus comment: give Elvis a run for his money.

Considered to be one of the greatest lineups of artists ever to grace the stage, the 1967 Stax European Tour featured Otis Redding, Sam and Dave, Eddie Floyd, Booker T. & The MGs (and many other soul legends) in attempt to take advantage of the rising interest in Black American music. Though the musicians, initially, perceived ‘Hit the Road Stax‘ with some apprehension, considering themselves nothing more than a small local record label, the European market loved them and were scrambling to get tickets. By the time it was finished, the artists’ stars had risen and music would never be the same.

This particular performance was filmed in Oslo near the end of the three-week tour, when the artists were at their very peak. Pay special attention to the Mad Man of Macon, Mr. Otis Redding repeatedly returning to stage. You simply can’t beat that enthusiasm.